Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Travel journal intro: St. Lucia!

I once had a co-worker who traveled to St. Lucia for his honeymoon. We worked in an antiseptic office park in a dreary suburb, but his description made me feel I was far from my windowless cube. He talked about St. Lucia so enthusiastically, I desperately wanted to go myself. But at the time, I thought that I never would.

This month, I proved my former self wrong and traveled to St. Lucia for two weeks, after a marathon 12 months of planning and one rescheduling (thank you, Hurricane Tomás). Because of that, I had plenty of time to mull over every last detail. But despite all my research, in many ways St. Lucia was nothing like I expected!

In the past, I have not done a good job of blogging about my vacations. This time, I am going to write an entry for each day of my trip. I wrote drafts of two of these entries when I was on the island. I now am going to clean them up and post them, then write new entries for each of the other days. I kept a hard-copy journal while I was there, so that will help me remember details.

In general, I'll be changing the names of people that I met, though when talking about specific restaurants, hotels, and vendors that I patronized, I may go ahead and use the real names of managers and guides and such, since I think that's expected.

I hope that this travel journal will be helpful to others who are planning trips to St. Lucia. If you read this and are interested in the island, please feel free to e-mail me any specific questions you may have.

With that, on to Day One!

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