Friday, May 13, 2011

Leisurely ducks

The two sleeping ducks bobbed in the water right over a sign that reads "No swimming/wading."

I spotted these two oblivious beauties in the Christian Science Plaza reflecting pool, while walking last night from work to the Symphony Whole Foods Market.

I wasn't the only one taken with them. I heard a few other people remarking on the drowsy birds, and another passerby was also taking snapshots, which I hope came out better than these ones taken with my crappy phone!

I could be wrong, but I believe fowl are a rarity in the reflecting pool — at least, I can't recall having seen any there before. I'm sure some would say they're a nuisance, but I thought they enhanced the area greatly.

Thinking about the Christian Science Plaza reminds me of an afternoon several years ago when I agreed to take a new job while walking past the reflecting pool. I had been interviewing with this company for a while, and they just happened to phone me while I was walking through the area. It was a job I was excited to get, so it is a good memory — it ranks right up there with these ducks.

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