Sunday, May 22, 2011


I spotted these beautiful Canada geese and their goslings while walking through the Muddy River area today.

If you're not familiar with Boston, the Muddy River runs between the Fenway Park area and the Symphony-Hall/Northeastern-University area. The park includes a frequently used athletic field and in general is a great spot for walking, as it's very pretty. I was passing through today on my way to the Bed, Bath & Beyond near the ballpark to buy a wedding gift for friends.

Canada geese often hang out in this park, and they're common in many other areas of Boston and in the suburbs as well. A lot of people dislike Canada geese because they poop everywhere —
but I'm not sure this is a valid complaint. If you think about it from the perspective of the geese, they have to
put up with litter, noxious
car fumes, urban sprawl, and all sorts of other human-induced blights. I would argue that they have more to complain about than any people do.

They are also more consistently pretty to look at than we are, and their children are generally a lot quieter than ours — more wins for us and losses for them....

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