Friday, August 7, 2009

Gonna tell you right

I live in a city where strangers rarely make eye contact with each other, let alone speak. Yet when I was walking my dog tonight, a guy I passed on the sidewalk paused to look appreciatively at my "Bad" concert T-shirt.

"Bet people are offering you serious money for that shirt, huh?"

I responded truthfully, "Not just yet, but I would never part with it."

I got a nod, a smile, and a succinct reply: "Good."


  1. Oh man, you saw him in concert during the Bad tour? :)

  2. You know I DIDN'T. And I wondered as I was writing this post if I should have told that to this guy — but he was already disappearing into his apartment as the exchange ended (he basically had been calling out to me from his stoop), and my dog was yanking me toward the park. Anyway, I mainly thought it was interesting because in Boston passersby never talk to each other, and this is the second time recently that I had something like this happen, both because of MJ. (The other time, a woman on the train was looking at an MJ video playing on my iPod.)

    I bought the shirt on eBay about two weeks ago for $50 — a pretty lucky buy actually; I have seen others go for around $100.

  3. Ah! I was going to tease that you left out kind of a crucial part of your MJ experience.. the fact that you had seen him live!

  4. Heavy sigh. Sadly, no. It's a great failure of my life that I never saw him!


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