Friday, August 28, 2009

Can you feel it in your bones?

Midmorning today I had a coffee emergency and left my desk in search of a triple-shot latte. As I was exiting my office tower's elevator bank, one of our security guards, Jamie, said to me: "Sup? No Mike today?"

I paused and briefly wondered what he meant. I sometimes go for lunch or after-work drinks with a small group that includes a Mike, but I didn't think Jamie knew all their names. "Jamie, what are you talking about?" I said.

He responded, "You've usually got your iPod and you're listening to Mike."

Whoa. I would never have guessed that my iPod is sometimes cranked so loudly that others can enjoy the sounds of "Thriller," "Off the Wall," and, of course, "The Essential Jacksons." Not that that's all I listen to!

"You can HEAR my iPod?" I queried.

He assured me that it's not that loud — he can only hear it when he's the one checking our security badges. (I guess it's good to know the staff behind the security desk 30 feet away can't hear it.) As he explained, occasionally when badge-checking me, he thinks, "Wait a minute, I know that song!'"

Well, the iPod was expensive; I guess it's somewhat fitting it's not just me who gets to enjoy it. Shamone, Jamie!

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