Sunday, February 20, 2011

Partially finished drawings and other works in progress

It has been several months since I updated this blog, so I thought I should post something explaining why.

I have been busy with the following:
  • Going to Grand Cayman and trying to organize my photos from the trip. (I went to Cayman instead of following through with my planned trip to St. Lucia -- a hurricane wrecked that idea.)
  • Planning another trip to St. Lucia, which hopefully will really happen this time!
  • Writing an essay and completing a series of portraits for use in the Jonestown Report, a newsletter published by the Jonestown Institute, which is part of San Diego State University.
  • Working on a couple of drawings, including one that I started in December and have been tending to quite consistently since then. Even though it's only about 3 by 5 inches, it's taking longer than anything else I have done in recent memory.
  • Trying to plan a trip to South America for late this year or next year.
  • Doing the Christmas thing and visiting my family in the Midwest.
  • Buying a new laptop — I got a good deal at the Dell outlet store, and finally I can Skype.
  • Catching up on old episodes of "Will and Grace."
  • Wondering why Peter didn't know Fauxlivia was a fake.
  • Sampling new cocktails. I decided the Ward 8 looks pretty, but I'm just not a whiskey drinker.
  • Trying to learn C#.
  • Attempting to come up with witty retorts to people who say I never update this blog!

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